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Jochen Fried (right), director of the Universities Project of the Salzburg Seminar pictured here with West Valley College art historian and event co-host, Dr. Cynthia Reis.

What is global education you ask?  From Dr. Fried,

“For some, it encapsulates the essence of a liberal arts education for the 21st century, for others it represents a sloppy use of language or straightforward gibberish.”

Fried was top-notch.  (And humble too!)

Global Education here.  María Gray’s Global Citizenship blog here.


Later that same day….

Jane Patton, former state-wide Academic Senate President, set the DCC/PGC members straight on a variety issues concerning the Student Success Task Force recommendations.

Dr. Patton for chancellor!

Recommendation number 5.1: Support the development of alternatives to traditional basic skills curriculum and incentivize it…


Pericles opens tonight.  English Lit. and Global Ed. for the kids who can’t stand PowerPoint.

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  1. cynthia reiss says:

    Yes, quite true and what’s wonderful is that West Valley College is being deliberate and careful about its global education pathway so that it iS the esence of liberal arts in 21st century global world.
    Further, global education at West Valley College is particularly proactive and concerned with the critical role that the Performing Arts play in the educational pathway. Rather than seen separate from liberal arts (which performance and studio art are usually perceived as)…WVC Global education makes clear through its continual focus on performing/studio arts (screenings; discussions with artists; discussions with academic scholars on the role that visual and performance art play in politics in such areas as China, the Middle East, and Latin America; with soon to come interdisciplinary discussion panels around collaborative projects between our Dance and Music department) are ESSENTIAL in engaging the student and allows learning to happen at its most productive — as Gorge Kuh has stated — outside the classroom (where you have a textbook and a talking head) but rather in an environment whereone is moved, captured, and mesmerized…it is at these nexus points that everything one knows comes together. This is learning. Liberal arts, music, arts, performance are –by nature –global, our students , as well should be. Global in perspective, global in outlook, global in understanding.

    This is Global Citizenship at West Valley College: deliberate, collaborative, intellectual, active, and ARTS- focused. Neither sloppy, nor gibberish–straightforward or otherwise. Salut Arts! Salut Global Citizenship!

    As global education is part of our institutional mission statement (2011 WVC Factbook), Global Education’s recognition of the necessity of the arts in this global century will also strengthen the presence of the arts in the educational pathway of WVC.

    1. Focus institutional efforts on improving student goal attainment and degree/certificate completion.
     Create structured and intentional processes and systems extending from registration through to graduation
     Improve transfer rate and services
     Clarify, convey, and uphold student success expectations across college’s systems, processes, and constituent groups
     Strengthen global education and international students programs and support

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