Valedictorians (with an ‘s’)

Did you know that two of the last three valedictorians have been Music majors?  (Can we put to rest that hippy-dippy artsy stereotype once and for all?)  WVC 2012 valedictorian Kristen Reimer (center) is flanked by Music chair Lou De La Rosa (left) and President Lori Gaskin.  Ms. Reimer completed her Associate’s degree in Music with a vocal concentration. She will transfer to the world renowned Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles this fall.

WVC 2010 valedictorian John Farley (not pictured) is currently studying voice at CSU Sacramento.


















What do Vice President Michael Renzi, Chancellor John Hendrickson, distinguished faculty member Randy Fujishin and President Lori Gaskin have in common?























Who then will take Carl‘s photo?  We will!





A post grad toast to Jason for a job well done!  (…chairing the department, that is.)


“Double Fists” Clay in the house…



Turn it up!

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  1. Cynthia reiss says:

    I did not know that!!! Hurrah Music department, hurrah Arts Division!!!

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