Republicrat or Democan?

Betty: So you didn’t stop to talk because you’re a Moonie, or you have some weird political affiliation ?
Bill: Nope. Straight-down-the-ticket Republican. (Bell) Straight-down-the-ticket Democrat. (Bell) Can I tell you something about politics? (Bell) I like to think of myself as a citizen of the universe. (Bell) I’m unaffiliated.
Betty: That’s a relief. So am I.
Bill: I vote my beliefs.
Betty: Labels are not important.
Bill: Labels are not important, exactly. Like me, for example. I mean, what does it matter if I had a two-point at (bell) three-point at —(bell)— four-point at college, or if I did come from Pittsburgh —(bell)— Cleveland —(bell)— Westchester County?

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