Pretty Young Men

(UPDATED) Last night students from Sandra Bengochea’s (MU 44) Musical Theater and Opera Scenes class gave their final performance of the semester.  Anyone who was there will tell you that it was positively delightful!  Here is just one of the vignettes, ”Pretty Young Men” (Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead; Music: Lucy Simon).  Stay tuned for more clips…

MU 44 students, Justine Lauren, Semhar Gebrat, Stevie Mikkelsen, Megan Staver, Kayla Empson

MU 44 students, Davud Hastings, Laura Barragan, Natasa Szabo, Simone Horne, Miguel Angel Olivas, and David Vega

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Have the others been uploaded yet? If so, how can I find them?! :D

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