Edgar Allen Poe Opens Friday

A Very Dark Evening With Mr. Edgar Allan Poe opens this Friday, 8pm in the Studio Theater.  Midnight performance October 26th!

FIVE CLASSIC TALES ADAPTED FOR THE STAGE  “Few writers have matched Edgar Allan Poe’s dark imagination and A Very Dark Evening With Mr. Edgar Allan Poe brings the thrills and chills of Poe to life on stage. Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a darkly funny story about using caution when you speak. The Cask of Amontillado tells the tale of ego fueled rage and a terrible revenge. Ligeia; the story of a man haunted and possessed by a lost love. The Masque of the Red Death finds the ultimate party crasher is Death. The Tell-Tale Heart finds a faithful servant driven to madness and an unspeakable crime. A Very Dark Evening With Mr. Edgar Allan Poe may be presented as a complete work or individual stories may be selected for one-act production. Mr. Poe’s gift keeps on giving into the twenty-first century. If you are a fan of Stephen King, or Dean Koontz or any writer who keeps things bumping in the night, or if you enjoy a good detective story or impossible murder mystery please remember Edgar Allan Poe laid the dark foundation for our contemporary creepy pleasures.”

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