Friend to the Arts, Fred Chow

From President Davis:

As many of you know, Fred Chow announced earlier in the semester that he will retire from the College this year. Despite our best efforts to hold back time, this Friday marks his last day on campus. I could not let this moment pass without expressing my personal appreciation to Fred and thanking him for his varied and generous service to West Valley for nearly 13 years.

There is probably no one at West Valley who has held more positions or contributed to so many aspects of the College as Fred has during his career. With his good natured charm, and bottomless IT acumen, Fred assumed leadership responsibility for everything ranging from the library, to marketing, to I.S. and academic technology, to construction oversight, and much more. Organized and sharp, Fred made every project more efficient just by being part of the team. Finally, Fred was a charter member of the college’s leadership team, where he proved himself an effective advocate for his areas of responsibility while remaining a strong team player whose single focus was always the common good of the entire College. If Fred were a classic “utility player” – capable of making outstanding contributions at every position on the field- he would also be characterized as a great team player.

Fred has graciously agreed to work closely with his successors, in particular Stephanie Kashima and Scott Ludwig, through the leadership transition in Instruction over the next few months. I am very grateful that he will make himself available to colleagues for consultation and support.

It is difficult to adequately thank Fred for his generosity, competence, versatility and faithfulness over the years. We have a “thank you” event for Fred this Thursday so that all of us may personally express our appreciation to him. In the meantime, I encourage you to stop by his office in the Fox Center, say goodbye, and take in his easy smile and gentle laugh one more time. On behalf of all your colleagues, thank you for your exemplary service, Fred. Aloha, my friend.


Its time for my transition to life after West Valley College. As I reflective on my 12+ years here, I want to share some thoughts.

West Valley College is a wonderful place filled with great people, focused on the noble cause of open access higher education. However, we get so focused on the issues of the day or week, that it’s important to appreciate what we have: a caring education community, focused on student success, situated on a beautiful landscape, and located near a major economic engine. I encourage all of you to continue to make this a special place.

I have been fortunate to be able to utilize my abilities helping West Valley College’s evolve: focused on building renovations, rebranding the college, and improving Educational Technology.

So what are my plans? Frankly it feels great not to have specific plans, but will likely include: slowing down to enjoy Northern California, living a healthy lifestyle, seeing more of the continental US, some international travel, relocation to Kaneohe (Hawaii) in 2 years, and investigating a “Fourth Act” in my professional life.

Let me close with ALOHA – although its farewell, I hope to see you again.

Fred Chow

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