Music for Films

If you’ve ended up here in search of Brian Eno’s pioneering 1978 work, Music for Films, click again.

If you’re searching for examples of excellent community college instruction in scoring music for film, television and gaming, you’re in the right place.  Here are two recent examples from the MU67a – Music for Film/TV/Gaming class.

The video is from an existing Apple iPad commercial.

The audio is original student composition, student performance and student recording.


Music 67A    Daniel Russie




Music 67A    Maria Serrano


“MU67A brings the industry process of making music for media in to the classroom.  Students learn about the issues of media, ie. Movies, TV, Commercials, Gaming, Apps, etc., dealing with  the picture, the music, and the client.  Using music technology, from the spotting session to delivery, students add their creative Scores to a variety of media opportunities.”  

-Robert Cornejo,

Instructor, Music 67

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