Welcome Mr. President


Week-one included a welcome reception for interim college president Brad Davis.  (Carol always wears the most exquisite jewelry doesn’t she?)… Le Quyen wants YOU to update your HR records…   Ed and Pat looking good (of course the Fund-10 budgets aren’t released until Sept. 9th)…   Brad must be doing something right for Steve to [...]

Week One, Day One


Performing Arts students and staff took turns offering a complimentary cup-a-Joe along with information on open sections.  You can find classes with open seats here:

Gallery Schedule


WVC Campus Center Art Gallery Fall 2012 Schedule Architectural Model Exhibit: Aug. 27th – Sept. 13th (Reception Sept. 5th 5-7pm) Staff Art Show: Sept. 19th – Oct. 18th (Reception: Weds. Oct. 3rd. 4-6pm) Day of the Dead Student Show: Oct. 24th – Nov. 8th (Reception HALLOWEEN) Photo and Sculpture Exhibit: Nov. 14th – Dec. 5th (Reception [...]