Saratoga Rotary Art Show


You’re Invited to the 55th Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show and Wine Tasting, Sunday, May 6, 2012 from 9am to 5pm. West Valley College art students will also be showcasing and selling their work in the Campus Center Art Gallery. From the Saratoga Rotary website: You’ll find a wide variety of fine art: paintings, sculptures, [...]

Award Win Part Deux

Congratulations to Michelle Hawkins and West Valley College’s vocal jazz ensemble, Synchronicity, for their second consecutive DownBeat Magazine Award.  To be judged among the best vocal jazz ensembles in the country is a tremendous honor; to be judged so twice is proof of a strong collaborative effort between fine student musicians and a gifted and [...]

Music for Film/TV

“MU67 Music for Film/TV/Gaming finishes a unit on scoring for commercials with an approximately one minute spot for major branding Hyatt and Mercedes, each commercial with its unique requirements. Hyatt needs an “anthemic” piece of music that builds and carries it to the end delivery. Mercedes requires three features: seasonal (many commercials are seasonally focused)/plot/humor. [...]

Salzburg Global


Jochen Fried (right), director of the Universities Project of the Salzburg Seminar pictured here with West Valley College art historian and event co-host, Dr. Cynthia Reis. What is global education you ask?  From Dr. Fried, “For some, it encapsulates the essence of a liberal arts education for the 21st century, for others it represents a sloppy use of [...]

What, No Night Games?

Even the men from mars can’t believe it! Team Lead:  Matthew Bennett, Art 60 Digital Video Arts, Fall 2011, Final Compositing Project, CGI Software: Autodesk Maya, Digital Video Software: Adobe Premiere