MU67 Film,TV & Gaming


MU67A Music for Film, TV, and Gaming – Foundations will be offered Fall ’12, Weds., 4:40-10:00 PM. Learn about the techniques and considerations of writing music for media, including client interaction and general business practices. Students will have the opportunity to score music for Commercials, TV shows, Film and Video Games. MU67A Music for Film, TV, [...]

The Tree Sessions

Last night the animation (Art 57), composition (Mu 67) and recording students (Mu 65) continued to refine the West Valley College “Tree Spot” collaboration by recording live student musicians.  While there is still a fair amount of work to be done we thought we’d share a short clip from that very productive session.  Congratulations to [...]


Why is the Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) program at West Valley College unique? We’re glad you asked! The WVC Art department’s approach to CGI instruction emphasizes a strong traditional-media arts foundation, cultivates the student’s ability to conceive and execute original content in a CG environment and strongly encourages collaborative efforts. Richard Wallace’s ART 57b mid-term [...]

Music for Film/TV

“MU67 Music for Film/TV/Gaming finishes a unit on scoring for commercials with an approximately one minute spot for major branding Hyatt and Mercedes, each commercial with its unique requirements. Hyatt needs an “anthemic” piece of music that builds and carries it to the end delivery. Mercedes requires three features: seasonal (many commercials are seasonally focused)/plot/humor. [...]

Music for Films


If you’ve ended up here in search of Brian Eno’s pioneering 1978 work, Music for Films, click again. If you’re searching for examples of excellent community college instruction in scoring music for film, television and gaming, you’re in the right place.  Here are two recent examples from the MU67a – Music for Film/TV/Gaming class. The video [...]