The Tree Sessions

Last night the animation (Art 57), composition (Mu 67) and recording students (Mu 65) continued to refine the West Valley College “Tree Spot” collaboration by recording live student musicians.  While there is still a fair amount of work to be done we thought we’d share a short clip from that very productive session.  Congratulations to [...]

Happy Festivus!


A festival or gala is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community. The word fest is Middle English, derived from the Middle French/Latin word festivus.                 From President Gaskin’s April 30th, Monday Morning Update: [...]

Pippin Opens Friday


Biology’s own Roberta Berlani in the role of Berthe. A happy birthday dress rehearsal! Don’t forget that this is the last week to buy tickets for the April 28 Pippin Gala! Wednesday night’s full dress rehearsal went well… …thank Goodness!   From Stephen Schwartz, the creator of Wicked, comes this mainstay of American musical theatre. [...]

Dress Rehearsal Birthday!


                  West Valley College Theater Arts Department Chair and Pippin Director Brad Weisberg wishes WVC Biology Instructor and Pippin cast member Roberta Berlani a “Happy Birthday” before Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal. Don’t forget the April 28th Gala Dinner presentation of Pippin. Just two days left to purchase [...]

I Heart Heavy Metal

Do a fine job teaching the meaning of a thousand degrees Celsius and they in turn will do a fine job of learning to pay attention…